Working in the automotive industry is a unique and challenging career that is open to anyone passionate, regardless of skill level. In the automotive industry, what matters most is a high standard of professionalism, a passion for learning, and enthusiasm.

Working in the automotive industry may conjure up images of being in a dealership with a career as a sales person or a mechanic. But there is more to it than that. There are several main departments in a dealership that must work together as a team:
  • Management and Administration
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts

Each department offers advancement opportunities and careers to fit your personality and passion. Jobs in the automotive industry can teach you new skills, allow you to work in a high-­tech work environment with long-­term job security, and provide you with competitive wages and benefits. Let's look at each department in detail.

Management and Administration
Working Management and Administration puts you at the helm of a dealership's day to day business. Those in management and administration are responsible for ensuring that the dealership runs efficiently by coordinating and supervising the other departments. It takes strong business minded individuals who like working with people in a fast­-paced environment to work in Management and Administration.

The Sales Department
Those working the Sales Department help craft the dealership's image. While selling vehicles is a big part of this, it still takes an outgoing and professional person to make the sale. Not only should sales professionals have a passion for vehicles, they must also know about finance and insurance options, as well as the state and federal laws pertaining to vehicle sales. First and foremost, however, they need to be able to comprehend the needs of the customer.

The Service Department
Even with good management and a strong sales team, a dealership is nothing without a Service Department. Service professionals are crucial to a dealership's success, helping to ensure that customer keeps coming back to the dealership for maintenance and repairs. It is both a challenging and rewarding job that requires extensive training. Today, service technicians must be trained in car mechanics, as well as electronics and computers. In today's fast­paced automotive world, certified technicians must continue to maintain their skills and stay on top of changes in the industry.

The Parts Department
Working hand in hand with the Service Department are those in the Parts Department. Professionals who work in the parts department order, inventory, and distribute parts to technicians and the public. Jobs in this department are as much about ordering as they are about dealing with the needs of the public.

Every department offers a different experience and requires a different set of skills. But without each other, the dealership would fail. Each department works with the others to ensure the success of the dealership. Someone wishing to work in the industry is not just limited to one department. With so many chances to do such varied work, the automotive industry offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth.